After almost four years in Örebro it was time for me to visit my home town, Arvika, where I grew up and started my journey of becoming an artist. I had a beautiful space at Galleri 39 to exhibit all my work from the last few years.  

Since a lot of these pieces were made during my time at the art school, it was a mixture of experiments that completed this solo exhibition. Even though there were different styles shown, several themes repeated themselves in my work. In general my focus is mostly set on people, animals and nature in one way or another. The way they relate to each other and themselves, and behave in different situations, environments and react to change.

Our need of the natural but at the same time stubbornness to evolve in different directions. We choose to swerve on an artificial road while a flower is trying to peer for a ray of sunshine through a crack in the asphalt, where we take our morning walk and breathe in the scent of a lovely mixture of lavender and exhaust. We grow at the same time as we take away from ourselves, we create our freedom by building cages and in the long run it is quite indefinite who is actually the most vulnerable in this. There are enough situations and behaviours to question, ideas to fantasize about and imaginary worlds to create without any logical limits. Sometimes closer to Utopia than reality, sometimes the other way around. 


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It was a great exhibition and such a blast seeing some familiar faces popping up! Thanks for everyone visiting me in my exhibition!