About the artist

Being creative has always been a must for me. Ever since I was a little girl I enjoyed everything that had to do with crafts in one way or another. Once I drew my first portrait in charcoal at the age of 15, I realized realistic drawing is something I wanted to focus on. So I did, for a few years. But of course, curiosity about other materials snuck up on me. This is when I started trying oil paint, and fell for it pretty rapidly. 

I decided to apply for arts and crafts at the Swedish gymnasium. I developed my artistry and had the opportunity to try out a lot of different techniques. After I graduated and had myself a look around in other corners of the world, I got accepted into an art school in Örebro, where I spent three meaningful years working to find myself as an artist. I’ve tried many artistic ways of expressing myself, but seem to have landed back into realistic oil painting which I absolutely love the most. However, realistic has turned into surrealistic and I developed a wider interest for working with specific concepts. They started to matter equally to the physical image I am painting and it has become like a language for me to express what I am learning every day.

I take inspiration from everything around me really, as cliche as that might sound. Every new place I get to experience, meeting with a person, things I am explained or get to witness with my own eyes, all build up to the knowledge I use in my art. My biggest source of inspiration I would summarize it with "nature and people". The natural versus the man-made. The relation they have to each other and themselves, and how the consequences of the changes we're creating and facing affects all of us. I do this mostly by portraying animals, often marine animals, and people, in different surreal underwater environments.

Would you like to make a request of an artwork, in any technique, or buy an already existing piece? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Name: Marlou Jaspers
Birth year: 1995 
Born: Breda, Netherlands
Located: Örebro, Sweden