marlou jaspers

My name is Marlou and I live in a city in Sweden called Örebro. I was born in the Netherlands, in 1995, and moved to Värmland, in Sweden, by the age of ten. At the moment I study at Örebro Konstskola and have my own studio there as well, where I spend most of my time during the day. If I’m not at the studio, I’m usually at the gym, sitting by my piano, outside rollerblading, climbing, hanging out with friends and simply enjoying life. And if there is the opportunity and time, the best thing I know is to travel to see and experience nature, and all the gorgeous places this world has to offer!  

I have always been interested in creating things. When I was 15 I drew my first portrait, and ever since, I have been fascinated by how the combination of shadows and highlights on a simple piece of paper can create every face possible. Or more accurately; every thing possible. So I started drawing a lot of realistic drawings with graphite, mostly portraits but even things I saw around me.  

Once I got a little older I started trying out other techniques and material, like aquarelle, oil paint, acrylic paint, both soft- and oil pastel, ink, doodling, sculpturing and so forth. Today I mostly work with oil paint and graphite. But regardless of what technique I use, I enjoy spending a lot of time on the details. That’s, without a doubt, the most fun part of a picture! 

Would you like to make a request of an artwork, in any technique, or buy an existing piece?
Feel free to contact me!